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Telephone Consultation involved an hour consultation over the telephone with one of our experienced consultant to discuss about the eligibility and the application process involved. We will discuss the step by step guide as to how to apply for the visa and the documents required for the application. This service also entitles answer to any queries that you may have regarding their application. We will advice you of any issues that we can foresee and how to improve the chances of success. 

This service is not covered under our no-win, no-fee policy as we are not in full control of the application process and will not be representing you.

Telephone consultation service includes:

  1. 30 mins consultation with an experienced immigration expert

  2. Discussing Challenges / issues about your application

  3. Advice how to improve your chances of success

  4. Following up with an email with the summary of consultation

  5. Advice on documents list

  6. Weekend/ Evening/ Emergency Consultation

  7. Visa Eligibility, Format & Documentation Check

  8. Answering Your Queries About The Application